If Trump wins, these would be his candidates for running mate

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With Donald Trump on an apparent glide path to the Republican party’s nomination for the White House, another race is under way: to be his running mate.

Back in 2016, Trump landed on Mike Pence, the mild-mannered governor of Indiana and a man with broad appeal among evangelical Christian voters. Pence served with dogged loyalty to president Trump for four years, up to the point when the vice-president refused to go along with a plan not to certify Joe Biden’s election win in 2020. The relationship between the two men broke down irrevocably after the January 6 2021 attacks on the Capitol.

Now, Trump is weighing several possible candidates to join his hypothetical 2024 ticket. The list includes current governors and members of Congress, former cabinet members and television personalities.

While Trump has yet to lock down the nomination, and would be unlikely to pick a running mate until much closer to the Republican National Convention in July, here is a glimpse at the early contenders.

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