Foreign investors sell Chinese stocks for a record fourth straight month

Tesla revealed on Thursday that pricing for the cheapest model of its much-hyped and long-delayed Cybertruck will start at $60,990, as the electric-car maker officially began the first deliveries of the futuristic-looking vehicle.

The price tag for the Cybertruck, with its unconventional angular shape and steel body, is higher than the starting price of just under $40,000 Tesla gave when it first announced the vehicle in 2019.

In addition to the cheapest rear-wheel drive model, which will not be available until 2025, an all-wheel drive version will be available for delivery in 2024, with a $79,990 price tag, according to a Tesla product page.

The priciest version, known as the Cyberbeast, will sell for an estimated $99,990 and be available in 2024.

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