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How They Closed It: Shattering The Record Sales Price In Boulder, Colorado

When it comes to the world of luxury real estate, closing a deal can be as nuanced as it is cutthroat. Here’s a look at how Boulder’s premier luxury specialist eclipsed the top sale ever recorded in Boulder County, Colorado.

The Who: A longtime resident of Boulder, Marybeth Emerson of Slifer Smith & Frampton is one of the city’s most passionate fans. After falling in love with the central Colorado town during her graduate education at the University of Colorado, the Georgia native planted her roots full time in Boulder, eventually beginning a distinguished career in luxury real estate that has amounted to almost half a billion in total sales. With a diverse resume that includes residential development, tech startup marketing and even creating a successful sports accessories company, Emerson was well-equipped to manage Boulder’s most expensive real estate deal.

The What: Like the closing price of $13 million, the Sunset Boulevard home is unparalleled. Completed in 2001, the six-bedroom, six-bathroom home had recently gone through an almost complete renovation. The result was a modern mansion with top-tier amenities including the addition of an elevator, heated patio and custom copper hot tub and plunge pool. Covering 7,300 square feet, the spacious home is bright and airy thanks to an open floor plan and automated retractable doors. The degree of high-end finishes and fixtures as well as the desirable location quickly attracted buyers with enough capital to afford the listing’s significant price tag, Emerson says. “It has the perfect combination of what ultraluxury buyers are looking for—location, views, space and move-in ready. It checks everybody’s boxes.”

The Where: Once noted as “Lovers Hill” on city maps, Sunset Hills has grown from an undeveloped parcel of land on the edge of town to one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Boulder in a matter of 70 or so years. The area is known for sizable hillside plots of land and stately homes. The far-reaching views found in this part of town may imply a removed position, but the neighborhood is less than a mile away from Pearl Street, the center of Boulder’s historic downtown and the site of many of the city’s most popular shops and restaurants.

The How: This wasn’t the first time Emerson had broken a record in Boulder nor the first time she had facilitated the sale of 1489 Sunset Boulevard. In 2020, Emerson represented the buyers who purchased the home for $7 million, the first to sell for that level at the time. The price tag almost doubling in such a short period of time had a lot to do with the extensive renovations, says Emerson, who added that the increase was also in response to the market in Boulder seeing a considerable influx of money coming in from locales, such as Chicago, New York and California. “People have really been searching for places with a healthy way of living. When they visit Boulder, often because of the university, they want to live here and they’re willing to pay top dollar.” Marketing for the property included a lavish “Selling Sunset” inspired launch party complete with champagne, a red carpet and a McLaren parked outside. After being on the market for only a month, the listing closed at the asking price.

The Right Now: Despite a slowdown in the middle of the market, Emerson says that the entry-level and ultraluxe markets have remained steady as a result of low inventory. “People want that Boulder address, so those segments continue to be extremely strong as things get more competitive because of a tight supply.” Emerson adds: “But I think sellers are going to be more realistic this spring with pricing. Pricing is going to reflect the current market instead of what was going on last year when sellers were factoring in appreciation to their listing prices and it wasn’t working.”

Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate is an exclusive member of Forbes Global Properties, a consumer marketplace and membership network of elite brokerages selling the world’s most luxurious homes.

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